Nutrition and Wellness Course Syllabus!

Waynesville High School 2006-2007
Nutrition & Wellness Course Syllabus

Course Title- Nutrition & Wellness
Department- Family & Consumer Sciences
Designated Grade Levels- 9-12 
Course Duration- 1 semester
Prerequisites- None    
Credits- 1/2 unit
Instructor- Chrystal Bohrer   
Conference Hour- 7th
E-mail address-
Phone Extension- 2150

II. Required books and class materials-
Guide to Good Food Textbook (Remains in classroom but can be checked out with permissions)

III. Student Supply Requirements-

IV. Course Rationale-
            Nutrition & Wellness is a one-semester course designed to improve the health and quality of life of the students.  The class, taught in the Family and Consumer Sciences enables the students to: Construct meaning related to nutrition and food economic: communicate effectively with family members, consumer groups and providers of food and nutrition products and services: solve problems related to health and wellness as well as food needs through the application of mathematics and science principals: and make responsible decisions involving family and individual food needs, the use of the food dollar and the care a preparation of food.

V. Course Description-
            In Nutrition & Wellness, the student will study the nutritional value of foods as well as develop an understanding of the significance of food.  The students will have hands- on practice in reading food labels and relating that information to particular nutritional needs and use mathematical skills to interpret food labeling.  Students will learn various foods and equipment used in food preparation and service, and the importance of safety and sanitation.  Careers in food service will be discussed.  There will be lab opportunities throughout the semester.  The lab will consist of practice in microwave cooking, quick breads, yeast breads, beef, poultry, deep fat frying, and pies.

VI. Course Objectives-
            Students will be able to:

VII. Grading-
All assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, and participation are graded by points.  The points will be added together and divided by the number of points possible.  Your first and second quarter points are added together to determine the semester grade.

VIII. Classroom behavioral expectations-

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